A wildfire burning strongly, with orange flames and dark smoke risingThe Big Rivers Forest Fire Management Compact was formed on January 1, 1995, and is a cooperative effort between the USDA Forest Service - State, Private and Tribal Forestry, and the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa and Missouri.

The objectives of the Compact are to:

  • Promote and maintain effective fire management services through prevention, pre-suppression, and suppression of natural cover fires, and through the use of prescribed fire.
  • Promote and perform common services, such as Federal Excess Personal Property, training, prevention, fire caches, fire management concerns and equipment, deemed appropriate by the member agencies.
  • Develop an integrated all-risk response plan through use of mutual aid to assist member agencies during periods of extreme emergencies.

Members meet virtually and in person several times a year to carry out business of the Compact. Compact members work with other wildland fire organizations and fire departments within their respective states to advance fire prevention, suppression, mutual aid response and the safe use of prescribed fire.

One of the Compact’s biggest efforts is hosting the annual Wildfire Training Academy. For more than 20 years, the academy has offered classes to further the training and qualifications of hundreds of wildland firefighters.

Contacts & Websites

State fire supervisors administer a number of programs within their respective states related to wildfire suppression, fire prevention, prescribed fire, training and fire department assistance. Contact the appropriate fire supervisor for any state-specific questions.

News & Announcements

The latest news and announcements from the Big Rivers Compact, including training opportunities, wildfire training academy schedule and grant announcements.

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View photos and videos of wildfire suppression, prescribed fire, prevention activities and training in the Big Rivers Compact.

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